China fought the epidemic through its system

What I have come to appreciate during my stay in China is the goodness of the Chinese system. Yes, China’s system is the secret of its success and development. This system made it possible for China to become the second largest economy in the world. It is the goodness of this system that China is the largest foreign exchange country in the world. China suffered from an outbreak earlier this year. China not only battled the outbreak but also provided guidance to other countries in the world. China, under the leadership of President Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party, made the impossible possible. It is well worth the system that since mid-February, there has been a surge of data on the Novel Corona virus. 

After the outbreak of the Novel Corona virus in China, the Chinese leadership has made timely and speedy decisions in the right direction, with positive results now beginning to emerge. The number of infections or deaths caused by outside the city of Hubei and Wuhan are very few. There is no social unrest of any kind throughout the country. Everyday life goes on as usual. At present, the hospital has more beds than the patients. Even in recent days a temporary hospital has been closed due to the low number of patients. All these achievements are at the heart of the Chinese system

Dr. Bruce Alvord, led by the World Health Organization’s medical team, visited China, saying that to cope with the outbreak better, there was a need to learn from China. China’s best practices include finding patients, separating them from healthy people, and keeping people in close contact with them.

On March 5, China’s Foreign Ministry and the National Health Commission’s relevant in-charge said during a press conference that China stands at the forefront of the epidemic and China, along with the global community, provide valuable services for the protection of public health. Have done. China’s Deputy Foreign Minister Mao Shu said China has made great efforts to prevent the outbreak of the outbreak in the world and has made huge sacrifices to protect the global public health. China is not alone in its fight against the epidemic, heads of more than one hundred countries and heads of more than forty global organizations have expressed support and sympathy for China. Many countries and global organizations have donated medical equipment to China. Now that the outbreak is spreading across the world, China is ready to provide assistance to countries affected by the outbreak and to cooperate globally to prevent the outbreak.

China has exchanged information with the global community about the prevention of the outbreak. Which not only saved valuable time for other countries, but also increased the confidence of the global community to defeat the virus.

The world has seen that after the outbreak of the outbreak, Chinese President Xi Jinping maintained telephonic contact with the leaders of the foreign countries, emphasizing that during the meetings with visiting foreign guests, China emphasized the security of its people. And is doing its utmost to protect the health of the global public as well as to value health.

By utilizing the leadership of the Chinese-led system, China prevented the outbreak in the shortest possible time, thus giving the whole world valuable time to prepare for the outbreak. Was discovered, so China very transparently shared the information with the global bardi, which expresses China’s good faith.

At the same time, China invited the WHO team to visit China to learn how China is taking a defensive strategy against the pandemic. Following the visit, important guidance has been provided to the global community through a joint inspection report issued by Chinese and foreign experts.
In fact, the Chinese leadership is helping other countries in their quest to prevent and control the outbreak in the country.

China’s efforts to fight this epidemic are not only to protect the health of China’s own people, but also to support global disease prevention and control

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