Corona Virus ……..

Corona virus was first diagnosed in China, where human death toll is not possible, as well as the Corona virus, it also forced China’s economy to collapse. The virus infected people.

The Corona virus is undoubtedly a network of Diwali powers that cannot see anyone but themselves flourishing. They first spread the virus to China, destroying its burgeoning economy. We will have to wait a few minutes for how successful they are, but currently global trade with China is completely closed.

To protect China from destroying its economy, the Corona virus infected people so that China could be protected from further harm.

The situation is that after China, the Corona virus has reached Iran and has entered Pakistan from there.

Two civilians have been found infected by the Corona virus in Pakistan, which is said to have come from Iran. The country was shocked to hear of the presence of Corona virus in Pakistan. From public meetings to social media, everyone started sharing Quran tips and prayers, as well as breaking tips and tips on security measures and spreading free advice on crowds. Do not go out, do not eat outside, do not shake hands with people, wash hands after every few minutes, do not let the throat dry, drink water frequently and so on.

Here is a post I wrote for your information that has been taken from social media so you can guess what the alien forces are playing with humans. The presence of Corona virus in Pakistan took away humanity from humanity and did nothing while exploiting the compulsion of the people.

“Citizens turned to medical stores to buy masks to protect against the Corona virus. Masks ended up there, holidays in Balochistan’s educational institutions until March 15, while Karachi educational institutions were shut down by March 1. Saudi Arabia also immediately. It has been banned for visitors from Pakistan. It is a pity for the Pakistani nation that with the outbreak of the Corona virus in Karachi, the shopkeepers have purchased surgical mask from Rs. 400 to Rs. 400 and medicated mask from Rs. 1200 to Rs. 3000. It is cursed by Allah, the shopkeeper and the businessman. F is clearly the benefits of running your business, things will burn in the fire-eater during the outbreak.

Regarding the Corona virus, however, it is briefly stated that the virus is a human-made laboratory that is made up of two microbes of measles and mumps. It was patented in the United States with patent number 10,130, 701. The virus belongs to the family of SARS and influenza, and its symptoms and symptoms are similar to SARS and the flu. We should know that there are many diseases that are more common than the corona virus. Take the example of the flu in the US where 14,000 people have lost their lives to the flu in the US alone. Two and a half million people were hospitalized for treatment in flu in the US in 2017. The death toll was 80,000. Similarly, every year, the number of malaria deaths in the world exceeds millions only, but no such environment has ever been created for these diseases and there is no such thing as a siege of the country in the name of prevention. Which is now available to watch. So far, the death toll among Corona virus victims is two to three percent, which is not a concern. Worryingly, the Corona virus The unique weapon in every respect is a bacterial weapon that has been successfully tested and the other aspect of it is even more terrifying and is that it has been wiped out all over the country in the name of prevention. More people have been imprisoned in the name of the Corona virus, and Chinese people around the world are considered to be the coroners of the Corona virus. Abuse has become commonplace with Chinese residents in the United States and Europe, though these Chinese have not been to China for many years. Residents in Ukraine threw stones at a bus in which Ukrainian residents returning from China were being taken to Quarantina as a precaution. No country was letting 3,000 people aboard the cruise ship for fear of the Corona virus on its cruise ship. It seemed that the Corona virus would spread rapidly as everyone on the cruise ship landed and all the locals.

Blood sample with respiratory coronavirus positive

In the name of the Corona Virus, weird pictures come out. Many people, especially those dressed in white, are mysteriously busy somewhere underneath the photo captioning Corona’s protective measures. Is coronavirus a puppy cat-like creature looking for it? Along with the name of the coronavirus, a strange concept has also been spread as it is in the atmosphere and in pursuit of every person. Events are in the process. The fact is, no virus can survive in the air because it dies immediately. Physical contact is necessary to move from one person to another, or at least the coughing and sneezing must enter directly through the other person’s breath.

But here every few days, Corona is discovered in some country and then the game is started, which is now being played in Pakistan. Since South Korea and Italy are powerful, they were not resolved, but there is another situation with Iran. Now these are some of the fears of being with Pakistan. It is also worth noting that there was a strange situation in Pakistan declaring a corona virus patient. Yahya Jafri of Karachi, with a group of two friends, arrived in Tehran on February 6 for a pilgrimage to Iran and returned to Karachi on February 20, complaining of nausea, colds and mucus cough on February 25 and Aga on February 26. He was admitted to Khan Hospital. On the evening of February 27, the Directorate General Health Services Government Sindh issued a report stating that the Corona virus had been diagnosed in Yahya Jaffrey. It’s fun The report released by the Directorate General Health Services says that the report is awaiting the report. Similarly, another patient was disclosed in Islamabad but details were not disclosed. By international standards at least two samples of the suspected patient should be taken for diagnosis. These specimens should be of upper and lower respiratory tract and mucus secretions, but only one sample of the upper respiratory tract moisture was sent to the laboratory of Aga Khan Hospital Karachi, which was not reported. It was reported that the patient was announced. Similarly, according to international standards, if the first test comes out positive, further tests should be done to diagnose similar eleven viruses as the symptoms and test reports of flu HN1 and other diseases are similar, so they should be paused before announcing. But in the case of Karachi, it was very quick and quick

In fact, there is a mafia in Pakistan who believes in making money in every way and at all costs, in the name of the Corona virus in Pakistan, money can flow around. Masks, quarantines, tests in government agencies, etc. will prove to be a gold mine for this mafia. This is the reason why Corona’s patient in Pakistan has been shown to be extremely quick to declare, it may even have an outside hand who wants to achieve malicious goals through its agents. Surprisingly, more pilgrims from India go to Iran every year than India, but there is no such hostility and no restrictions have been imposed on Umrah pilgrims. Therefore, as a nation, we should be responsible.

We must be aware of the conspiracies of the establishment of a universal satanic government around the world and beware of these ill-advised tactics and also beware of those around us. “If

this situation is observed closely, it results. the World Zionist powers exclusively engaged in trapping Pakistan and countries as well as supporters of Pakistan not positive in their views about them.

the pack together now take the China of Pakistan How did these dwarf powers try to harm him that he left the Corona virus there and his They closed the trade in this market to weaken China economically and they refrained from Pakistan’s assistance in any way, but they do not know that the more they work with macrofabricity, the more Allah’s plan will prevail over them. ۔

There is no need for the Pakistani nation to be intimidated by the Corona virus. Just read the repentance and beware of the enemy’s tactics.

The Corona virus is a dilemma temptation, Muslims should not be afraid of it but should fight menacingly… .God be with us all.

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