Learn 3 Ways to Open Lock Mobile: Forgot Your Mobile Password?

Nowadays almost everyone has an android phone, whether it is a baby or a grown up, and then there are many smartphone issues. Most people forget to put a password on their mobile and their phone is locked. How to open it now? Today we are going to tell you the simplest way that your phone can be unlocked easily.

Factory reset

To do this you first turn off your phone, then hold down the volume and power button simultaneously for a few seconds, after doing a few seconds enter in recovery mode and select this delete all user. Please. Then reboot your phone so it will be unlocked.

Be aware that, this will delete your phone’s data.

Android Data Recovery

This method is best if your phone is locked because you don’t need Gmail or you need to delete any data from the phone.

For this you need to first download the Android Data Recovery software to your computer. You will then have to click on the light in your main window and connect the phone to the computer using a USB cable. After that you have to follow the instructions there and you will lock the phone in minutes.

Unlocking phones with Gmail

If you enter your password even if the password is not remembered many times in the phone, it will have a Forget pattern or Forget option which you have to click. Then you’ll need to sign in with your Google Account username and password. Then you’ll unlock the phone by entering a new password.

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