Misuse of Technology Documenting

They say that one of the biggest breakthroughs is its technology. Which is the cause of convenience and convenience to humankind in the present, the human being is unable to hear the disadvantages that have arisen in this noise of success. There are four In this process of development, there are some technology-driven items that have both positive and negative impacts on our young generation, especially as cable networks, social networking, mobile phones and social apps have made young people unhealthy. Has made it unprofitable and profane. It is also true that in the present life without internet, mobile phones and social networking, life seems colorless and incomplete as these sources have made it easier to connect and bring them closer to each other.

Nowadays, most parents seem to have some formidable conversations with children. As if sticking to a mobile phone all the time, it will not work for you, your father does not realize, when the score is low in the exam, I will do a bone rib, and while the girls listen to the TV all the time. Sitting forward, work is not done to you, it doesn’t take much heart, it is too slow, just ticking all the time, and every parent has the last sentence – ‘We have just stopped saying it’. Almost every house has a story. These days, parents are advising children that their continued use of the Internet, gaming, mobile phones and social networking is troubling their education and they spend most of their time using mobile phones instead of reading. There are very few parents who keep an eye on the social headlines of their children. So, gold is the only way that various mobile phone companies have started using cheap SMS.

Computers, mobile phones, the Internet, and the like, are suffering the most from a new generation of young people, who are becoming more and more disillusioned with their interest, as if it were said that the younger segment is using technology. It is not wrong to say ‘addict’. Whether it’s a girl or a boy, a mobile phone is visited first before going to bed and after waking up. It is considered to update family status by daylight or dark at night, or by family gatherings. When visiting a relative’s home, the first question after greeting is with a WiFi password. When it comes to games, there are many games that are causing violence in children, such as calling yourself ‘Pub J’, for example, the game is popular among kids as well. The popularity and addiction of the game is not limited to just playing but regular in the city of Karachi There is also a Pub J Theme Restaurant. Visitors are regularly provided free internet. Pub J, Fighter Palin and many more games are making children violent.

When it comes to social networking, not only young people but people of all ages are seen using social networking sites. Social networking is used to perform all these tasks, whether it be to have fun or to spend time marketing a product or to talk to friends. But nowadays, the misuse of social networking has become commonplace. Misuse of it leads us to cyberbullying. Cyberbullying suffers not just boys, girls but also teachers. According to research, 17% of teachers have suffered from cyber-bullying at the hands of students – many are hacking someone’s personal account using software such as Blackmail or hacking, using software such as Photoshop. Using personal data in blackmailing – In the world of technology, people are so overwhelmed by the morality of it.

Anything over the limit is harmful. Unhealthy abuses of technology have made humans mentally and physically weak. Permanent chatting and messaging weaken the nerves and increase the risk of a stroke-like illness; overuse of mobile phones causes brain tumors 74%, heart failure Diseases 45% and hearing loss 80%, while illnesses such as vision impairment, headaches, lack of sleep and depression become permanent companions – young people suffer from mental and physical weakness. Youths like laziness and laziness have become part of the personality as they look for technology in everything. A calculator is also used for every small calculation.

Requirements were used in computers and educational offices as well as offices and businesses. But now computers are used for educational summer and less for gaming. And the Nutcracker is limited to decent movies and Sirius. Cable television has also promoted misconceptions and incest. Earlier, Pakistan was an important source of television entertainment and also entertained children and young people. Programs like Open Sims, Eyeglasses, Auction House and Unique People were broadcast. These programs were called family programs. All the people in the house used to sit together in one room and watch the TV together. Due to the influx of cable networks and channels, everyone’s choice is unique. This is why TV has become commonplace in every room. Parents are unaware of what children see.

What technologies were designed to destroy themselves? Are we making the right use of technology? Does modern technology, in fact, mean that it should promote indulgence and restlessness? Adoption of indulgence should be avoided by the difference of the East and West, or the culture of the Gentiles by forgetting their traditions and teachings. We are an Islamic state, we are free, but we are obliged to follow our religious teachings. We have forgotten our origin and the nations that forget their origin, are the source of destruction and humiliation

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