Removed The Nation From The Female Sentimentality

Is it not surprising that those who do not believe in religion or any of the divine systems, seemingly very civilized, educated, open-minded, honest, moderate and influential, on the contrary, the majority of us? By civilization, he is skilled at talking to the uneducated, the uneducated, the irrational and the headless. Although we believe that we have universal religion, the best customs and system of life, the best book and the golden history.

Pick up your television channel. Channels such as Discovery and National Geographic will be making new scientific discoveries. We don’t even have to count our channels at the fingertips. Whoever is on it, they simply work by subbing “Subhan Allah”, “Masha Allah” and keeping the audience and the audience busy for 24 hours. Such is the case with our religious gathering. In the name of Naat Khwani, the village and the local people are disturbed by screams.

Publicly held religious gatherings and Friday speeches hardly ever agree to listen to a serious and engaging conversation. It cannot be stated that our speakers revolt in just one night from their speech.
Millions of rupees are easily collected and shed like water in the name of public recitation and religious gatherings, but the mosque’s Imam’s salary has several meetings to raise a thousand rupees and after picking up Imam Sahib The hike of the salaries is like beating a dandruff as if a favor had been done on the seven backs of the Imam. On this, we should also have a salary of five to seven thousand.


It is the responsibility of the educated and conscious people of the nation to try to weaken the minds and minds of the people from their level. Encourage them to think logically and think logically. People who play with public sentiment, whether they belong to a department or a party, should be boycotted. Cleanse your game with scenes and poems that embody religious and professional sentiments. Establish schools and colleges at the writing level to promote education. Unnecessary religious gatherings and venue raids should be collected to establish educational institutions in place of poets. National and national spirit should be awakened in youth. The youth should try to inculcate objective and logical thinking and understanding. Instead of cheap and part-time reputation within them, big goals should be created. Instead of encouraging musicians to be educated and motivated youth to work.These conditions will surely change….!
There is no hope for Iqbal with his boat
If the soil is moist, this soil is very fertile…!!

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