Save Corona … – Fear not good

The outbreak of the Corona virus from China has reached 47 countries, with all the neighboring countries of Pakistan in the top affected countries, which are still frightened by the lack of effective treatment, which has led to the outbreak of false propaganda of facts. The impression that has been made is that Karuna is not just a guest of the virus infected, but it can cause death to the rest of the world, ‘spreading the impression is a far more dangerous act than Corona’.

More than the concern about virus prevention, it is the duty of every individual, especially educated people, to take responsibility. Demonstrate to Ari any information or thing without responsible authorities ‘Do not spread ahead without the endorsement of officers’ The most dangerous weapon to defeat and destroy a country ‘nation in humanity’ is false propaganda. Which leads to suicide by spreading frustration to ‘people’, ‘society’, ‘family’ people If you fear each other within your own fears of death, then the swamp becomes their destiny. After the Karuna of the State of Pakistan, it is seemingly very rigorous but timely and wise actionable praise. The affected people came to know that they also went to Iran where they have been affected and are safe.

The Chinese government itself deserves tribute, which has taken such drastic measures, but also all such animal markets within their country. Stopped the animals from causing the virus to transmit to humans by trillions of dollars Zazi’s business did not allow the compulsion to become a source of livelihoods, causing millions of civilians to be infected with the virus, but the casualties are few hundred ‘. Chinese experts say health solutions are working to remedy this virus. Rather, its policy makers are investigating whether it is a detestable act of China’s enemy No, their national passion for saving their nation from this outbreak has emerged as a wonderful example of organization and continued work. They cannot be defeated in any way.

It can be at least 6 months before the virus is diagnosed. China has done a great job of doing this in two weeks: “Of course it will find a solution too. The Iranian president himself does not need to panic because of a virus affecting his nation’s name” from home to national level. Keep your routine up to life ‘Keep doing your job and if a person appears to be suffering from the symptoms of Corona’s virus, bring him to the hospital. And everyone in our country and nation should take action, especially the educated people, especially young people, rather than being a part of negative gossip in mutual gossip, and the precautionary measures suggested by the experts. To inform everyone of the Qur’anic prayer, Durood Sharif If a patient is infected, take him to the hospital immediately and prove to him the special love ‘special’ motivating role, because like every difficult and dangerous disease, he deals with force, ie. Encouragement and precautions are therapeutic, as well as the purification of the individual collectively, the arrangement of purity is one of the greatest tasks which will be done by the proclamation, not by the claims, by the words, which is the work of both the people of the state.

Protect from injustice, ‘killing the rights of others, harassment, greed and malice’. Amen. Muzaffarabad’s policeman is the torch-bearer for everyone and deserves special rewards and honors, who, after his return from Iran, performed such check-ups as usual, such as sugar, etc. The thank-yous were just fine for the seasonal fever. ‘It was a cough that hurt and the excitement. Everyone should have the courage not to be affected by me’.

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